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reading dogs

March 1st, 2011

Acquisition of literacy skills is of particular interest to me as the mother of a bright but incredibly active little engineer and a stereotypically precocious younger daughter. So, I perked up when I read about the Reading Education Assistance Dogs (READ) program. Troubled readers are paired with dogs with sweet dispositions who lay next to […]

how could I forget?

December 13th, 2010

The longest troll in my family, one that to this day rolls out of my mouth as easily as “hello” is my parents’ warning: “Don’t touch that- a republican might have touched it!”

the long troll

December 11th, 2010

A childless friend asked me the other day if I trolled my children, intentionally giving them misinformation. Well, sure, doesn’t everyone? As the child of parents who warned us to stay away from wild zebras living in the crawlspace under our house, and who knew we’d just take it on faith that the blue laws […]

great science site

September 13th, 2010

For the science geeks out there: We’re in the market for good child sized safety glasses after child A almost blinded child B when child A, distracted from the bottle rocket construction momentarily, tried to find out what happens when you apply forced air to sibling’s eye-socket. For the scientists in the room wondering […]

news from the yard

September 13th, 2010

Will: “Mom, some kids at school were making fun of you” Mom: “Oh yeah? How so?” Will: “They said, ‘Yo mama’s so fat she doesn’t even fit in the universe’” The correct response was probably not, “Well didja punch them?”

I’m number 2!

September 12th, 2010

I played on a co-ed soccer team from 1st grade until 5th grade, and though I could identify the three best players on the team, the classification stopped there. The rest of us were just on the team. Whether this was a gender thing, result of my personality (apparently *everyone* but me knows girl politics […]

what the 1st grader eats for dinner

September 1st, 2010

Will’s dinner request:

my six year old son

August 19th, 2010

in this order, wants to sign up for yoga classes, then guitar, then swimming and if he has time left over in his schedule maybe soccer. I can’t figure out if he’s already realized girls take yoga or if he really is still too cool to care what the other kids think. Either way, I’m […]

you are blonde to meeeee!

July 11th, 2010

I’d wish you a Happy Fourth of July, but we’re closer to Bastille day. So, let them eat cake then off with their heads! In recognition of the independence of our country, we spent Independence weekend in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor. (The Bro More to those in the know) Lovely hotel from the outside. […]

who got my 3 year old hooked on Taylor Swift?

June 27th, 2010

Kids these days. When asked to identify the lady on the Barbie dress Sylvie was wearing (Barbie, duh), Sylvie confidently insisted it was Hannah Montana. Okay. I get it. That girl is on more underwear and tshirts for the under 6 set today than Barbie. It doesn’t matter that there is no Barbie or Hannah […]

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