this is really how the french do it

April 3rd, 2011

Spurred on by my mother laughing that I was probably baking a loaf of fresh french bread while I was flambĂ©ing the lobster shells for our weekly lobster bisque one Sunday afternoon (I wasn’t), I was motivated to find an easy satisfying baguette recipe that would fit into our weekend routine. Now several months later I’ve figured out how the French have their bisque and fresh baguettes, too.

We trialed this recipe:
bread in five minutes a day

I baked up a quick baguette in the early afternoon to sample the recipe. It was the perfect shape, excellent birdseye, with a moist crumb. A perfect baguette made with minimal effort. After sampling half of the original loaf, Doug suggested I make a second loaf for dinner.

I’m saving the other two loaves for later in the week.

Try it. It is kind of like finding an extra few hours in the week.