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if you escape the ice floe, the hot lava is certain death

June 18th, 2010

If only to be a fly on the wall when these things get introduced on the preschool playground. If the dangers my children are avoiding in their play are any indication, the preschool playground is a heady science convention. Gone are the days of cowboys and indians. My children, instead, spend hours working together to […]

northern california tide pools

June 18th, 2010

We’ve been suffering through heatwave after heatwave out here in the northwest driving us to the ocean for relief from the sweltering 75 degree heat. A few weekends ago, this brought us to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, just north of Half Moon Bay in Moss Beach. At low tide, the tide pools are vast and […]

literacy or bust

June 18th, 2010

I’ve written before about the struggles with raising a little boy and having high academic standards. The greatest struggle is that early academic excellence is measured in literacy and handwriting, while little boys would be the star students were it instead science and math. My own pupil listens with rapt attention to technical explanations of […]

you should see the other guy…

March 1st, 2010

Friday was a big day in the Diego house. Just as I was crossing Market on my way to the office Friday morning, my phone rang. It was Doug calling to report that Sylvie had banged her head and might need stitches. No strangers to cuts and bruises, we were both thinking the school was […]

chillin with will and off to the ophthamologist

February 24th, 2010

Last week was ski week, so I took the week off to hang out with Will. I’ve been waiting patiently for my kids to be old enough to enjoy the local museums. (Adults find my enthusiasm excessive) So, I was all too thrilled to drag Will all over the bay area. I seemed like he […]

exactly when is innocence lost?

January 18th, 2010

I was home alone with the kids, today, so after a trip to REI/Target/a local thrift store to refresh the rain gear, a rain walk, some leaf races, a bath, and while sucking back hot chocolate, I gave the kids pedicures. Will insisted that I paint his nails a dusty rose color despite my insistence […]

completing the hipster look: a ukulele!

January 12th, 2010

My, it has been a long time, hasn’t it? Truth be known, we’ve been the sickest ever this winter sampling each of Winter’s nasties. So, between flights of bedridden illness there was the obligatory frantic holiday shopping and crafting, booking of holiday trips, the attendance at holiday gatherings, avoidance of some due to flights of […]

we be jammin

November 30th, 2009

It is officially winter around here. Last weekend, we took the kids ice skating. Apparently, there is a window in our lives during which ice-skating comes naturally as Sylvie was sure footed and Will was like Bambi on ice. My back still hurts from trying to get him to stand up. Sunday, we went to […]

fuel for the sibling rivalry

November 27th, 2009

Doug has been making digital copies of all of the hundreds of tapes we have around the house, so he put a video of Will’s birth on the computer for the family to watch. It isn’t dramatic like on TV. Nothing scary. Mostly side view. Both kids were really interested. Just after the birth, Sylvie […]

we’re getting a tree house!

November 25th, 2009

I sent the light saber wielding kids into the backyard right after Sylvie got out of the bathtub this afternoon. Will was supposed to help her put on her dress, and then they were supposed to head out back for some sword fighting. (Don’t worry, Will is sweet enough to simply wack trees, not people, […]

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