May 31st, 2009

Friday, Will graduated from preschool. No pomp and circumstance. No dreadful valedictorian speech. They had tasseled mortar boards (centerpieces turned kiddie headgear) heavily guarded by the teachers up until the second they got to put them on, so there were no secret mortar board messages like “eat my shorts class of 2010” or “Swine Flu! I graduated!”. The teachers were dressed to the nines. One even wore heels. The kids filed into their seats in front of a standing room. There were tears. Will blew us kisses as he walked by. The kids sang “This little heart of mine, I’m going to let it shine…” And then there were the requisite pictures with besties. Ice cream sundaes for all. And the “cool” kids got to go home early with their parents for a celebratory lunch at a restaurant. The coolest kid, Will Diego, headed straight out of town for a raucous weekend of camping with the neighbors. Will told us, “I’m going camping with the girl I’m going to marry – Genevieve.” Well, okay.