who got my 3 year old hooked on Taylor Swift?

June 27th, 2010

Kids these days. When asked to identify the lady on the Barbie dress Sylvie was wearing (Barbie, duh), Sylvie confidently insisted it was Hannah Montana. Okay. I get it. That girl is on more underwear and tshirts for the under 6 set today than Barbie. It doesn’t matter that there is no Barbie or Hannah Montana item in our house. I chalked it up to random playground chatter. Maybe the name came up. “My parents really want me to start using the potty, but they refuse to buy me the sparkly Hannah Montana panties. I’m holding out.”

Sylvie recently announced in her dinner table confession of the day that she loves Taylor Swift. Thinking perhaps the Kanye interruption at the VMAs made the playground, too, I filed this information in the back of my brain. In a moment of motherhood clairvoyance, I googled the most common lyrics of what I thought was an embellished version of a preschool song about clothing that Sylvie sings pretty much constantly, “She wears short skirts, I wear tshirts…” Whoa! Sylvie knows a Taylor Swift song! Who got my 3 year old hooked on Taylor Swift?

I’ve yet to piece the whole story together, but someone introduced my daughter to Miss Swift. Taught her the song. And she’s apparently watched the video on her favorite teacher’s phone. The secret lives of pre-teens (3-12)… For some reason I thought we’d reach this point much later.

At least it isn’t Brittany Spears or Lindsay Blow-han.