exactly when is innocence lost?

January 18th, 2010

I was home alone with the kids, today, so after a trip to REI/Target/a local thrift store to refresh the rain gear, a rain walk, some leaf races, a bath, and while sucking back hot chocolate, I gave the kids pedicures. Will insisted that I paint his nails a dusty rose color despite my insistence that he’d be teased by the big kids (second graders). Wouldn’t he prefer this silver? No, he doesn’t care what the older kids think. So, I proudly painted his toes and fingers. Later, after our trip to the grocery store, the kids ran to the dress ups chest to don their personas and I heard Will trying to convince Sylvie to let him wear the pink satin skirt so that *he* could wear it. “Sylvie, Angelina Ballerina doesn’t wear a skirt like that. Can I wear it? It goes better with my [pink feathered] shoes.” Yes, I love that gender appropriateness never enters into his mind, but I know this won’t last forever. So, I ask you, when is innocence lost?

Oh, and tonight, I remarked when checking Sylvie after a bathroom visit, “Oooh, Sylvie, that was big!” only to have Will run into the bathroom, “Let me see! How big was it mom? Show me with your hands! Was it this big? Bigger than this?”