we’re getting a tree house!

November 25th, 2009

I sent the light saber wielding kids into the backyard right after Sylvie got out of the bathtub this afternoon. Will was supposed to help her put on her dress, and then they were supposed to head out back for some sword fighting. (Don’t worry, Will is sweet enough to simply wack trees, not people, and Sylvie will do whatever he does.) A few minutes later, Will walked up into the house and calmly said, “Hey Mom, you should look out the window.” Guess who is 4 feet off the ground, buck naked in the tree below my kitchen window?

“Sylvie could use your help, Mom.” heh.

Inspired, Doug is building the kids a basic tree house. Will just ran in with a butter knife to ask for my help with the house.

Amusingly, before they were sent outside, Sylvie dropped her light saber when she stooped to adjust her towel. She asked Will for help and he told her, “Just use the force!” If only.