post halloween sugar low

November 2nd, 2009

We had a wild weekend.

We kicked it off Thursday carving pumpkins. Doug and the kids made a totem pole. Our kitchen looked like there’d been a pumpkin massacre. (Which, yeah, I guess there was.)

Friday, the two schools meant two parades and two parties.

We let the kids eat candy for lunch and then capped the evening off with a pizza and movie night at Will’s elementary school. Despite the fact that Will had a pretty awesome Luke Skywalker flight suit (purchased), he requested a different day costume. I talked him out of fun-to-make robot and into easier-to-make vampire bat. Unfortunately we all slept in and he ran off to school without his fangs. Don’t the teeth only come out at night, anyway?

At least the cape looked cool on the playground.

Saturday morning the kids dressed for our run.

And then again for the block party.

And then again for trick-or-treating (not captured in film). Sylvie was Tinkerbell and Will and Doug were Clark Kents.

And then again after trick-or-treating for the haunted house. (Also not captured in film.) Sylvie was a monkey and Will was green racer (pjs).

The highlight: the kids barely made it 1 full block before they were complaining about the weight of their trick-or-treating bags. Stella came running back to us whining, “They said I could only take 2!” “Well, Stella, you have plenty of candy already.” “I know, and it is so heavy! I can’t carry another piece!”

Gluttons for punishment that we are, we had a marathon of playdates Sunday. We’re sleeping off all the excitement this work week. 😉