sylvie’s mad science party

October 24th, 2009


In celebration of Sylvie’s birthday, we had the neighbors over for some mad science. The kids made glow in the dark slime and screaming balloons while the adults ate quince liver, deviled eyes and mummies.

Yes, those are real meat.

We had the requisite ear (grow your own) and eyes (olives) in a jar. As well as spooky chemical looking liquids (colored water). But, the main attraction was the slime that the kids concocted and the mentos geysers.

And yes, my daughter wore her princess outfit most of the day.

I love the reactions of kids at their first few birthdays. Sylvie just stood there with a goofy smile absorbing the anthem in her honor.

Those were grave-stone cakes. Dirt + chocolate frosting + half a cookie.

Quote of the day –
Sylvie watching me make the dirt for the cupcakes, “Sometimes kids can eat dirt, right Mom?”