your daughter…

October 15th, 2009

Apparently my children are outgoing, as parents at the preschool go out of their way to introduce themselves to us and (usually) explain how they share a special friendship with our children. I hear all the time, “Sylvie likes to hold my hand.” “Will is so cuddly.” “Sylvie and I are buddies.” I just smile and wonder if those parents know just how many other parents my children have cuddled up to that day.

At our school meeting last night, a mom came over to introduce herself and tell me that our children play really well together. She has two sons the same ages as my children. Our younger kids play mommy and daddy together, she explained. After a few moments of me silently smiling and nodding wondering how much she really knows about my daughter, she laughed and said, “But, I’ve heard Sylvie plays mommy and daddy with lots of little boys.” Yep, that’s my girl!