am I raising a foodie?

September 28th, 2009

Will & Sylvie Eating Ice Cream

The thought crosses my mind when I scan the sushi bill and my 5-year-old son’s salmon sashimi is more than half the cost of our dinner for four, “Am I raising a foodie?” Is it normal for a child to request carrots and hummus as a snack. To snub tootsie rolls in favor of a few raw cucumbers. Tonight he requested “the good brie” – the triple creme from the cheese store – on wheat crackers in his lunch. The normal grocery store variety is too much like gelatin for his palette. This child excitedly approached eggplant parmesan that I thought smelled like vomit and devours veggie packed stir fry. Is this child a foodie? In comparison to his future food requirements, I think college might be cheap.