I want you

September 26th, 2009

I’m certainly enjoying what different people my littles are. Where Will is sweet and thoughtful – the child that, knowing I wasn’t well this week, fought the urge to run ahead to the playground on our hike up to his school instead staying back to hold my hand; Sylvie is adventurous and independent – the one that runs away from us in crowds of people. Will throws a run of the mill tantrum when he wants his way, and Sylvie just bats her eyelashes and in her soft Marilyn Monroe bedroom voice tells you what you’re going to do for her. Her latest manipulation is most brilliant, by far – when she wants to be held, she comes to you, arms outstretched, and says, “[Mommy or Daddy], I want you.” Who can turn that down? Not, “I want you to hold me, get me water, carry me, …” Just “I want you.” Urgent. Flattering. Effective.