the sleep over

August 7th, 2009

We’re having our first sleepover as parents. Will and Matthew, his bestie, have been planning this event since they were barely able to talk, debating why they each had to go to their own houses at night and couldn’t just spend the night together. The pressure for a sleep over climaxed around Will’s birthday. He’s been talking non-stop about it, plotting, insisting that Matthew’s mom has invited him there, confirming we have her number to call and ask permission for Matthew to sleep at our house… So, we made arrangements and the big day has arrived. We told the kids this morning. Will couldn’t contain his enthusiasm, rushing into school to blurt out the details to anyone who would listen or happened to be in the vicinity. The enthusiasm was so infectious, I’ve wanted to blurt out the details to someone who’d listen! Sylvie, is getting the short end of the stick. At the mention of the arrangements, she insisted that Toby (her boyfriend) and Jasper (Matthew and Toby’s baby) should sleep in her bed, sit beside her carseat, play with her… Somehow we were able to fetch Matthew and not the other two boys.

Will and Matthew talked all the ride home like giddy schoolgirls (Boys talk like this?), about where they’d sleep and in what (sleeping bags) and what movie they’d watch and what they wanted to eat… As soon as we walked into the house, the kids rolled out their sleeping bags and started putting on pajamas because this is a sleepover. They watched Empire Strikes Back (batman/superman are for little kids, this is high brow for kindergartners), ate popcorn and picked at pizza. We’re all now huddled around watching Scooby Doo. Now what? Are they going to stay up all night and giggle?