first day

July 1st, 2009

We just dropped the kids at school. Sylvie’s first day.

Will lectured Sylvie all morning on what to do, where to sit, how to act. I think he may be the most excited.

We got donuts for breakfast in hope that the alcohol released during the digestion of the sugars will make Sylvie more friendly.

When we arrived at school, the kids rushed in to wash hands and then find Sylvie’s cubbie. She’s a napper, so hers is way in the back next to art supplies that Will explained to her. “Sylvie, these are scissors, and these are markers.” I love how he is so enthusiastic about his job as school docent that he is explaining the obvious things.

Washing off the donut smell and giving dad an evil look for invading her privacy.
Those tiny sinks are a big deal to the little kids. Sylvie used to insist on using the bathroom every time we’d drop Will off. I’m hoping the tiny bathrooms are exciting enough to keep our potty training top of mind.

The goodbye window. Look mom, no tears!