american pastimes – slip and slide

May 26th, 2009

It is officially summer. Time to hang up the soccer cleats and shin guards, dust off the barbecue, and air out the summer parkas. And that’s just what we did this weekend.


Saturday marked the end of our official Spring pick up season which we commemorated with obligatory soccer pictures. It isn’t official unless it ends with pictures! We started the pick up league at the beginning of Spring after talking to other parents who had sprung for the fall season of under 5s in the official league only to find out that the kids spent as much time on the sidelines watching as in the game. We’ve had a pretty good turnout over the course of the season – as many as 15 kids and as few as 3 (this past weekend), averaging 6. Some Saturdays we had productive pick-up games, others quickly degraded into child herding exercises. As you can tell, we are way beyond wearing uniforms and shin guards. In fact, our past two Saturdays, the kids spent more time each practice at the playscape than on the pitch. After practice Saturday, we put away the orange cones and soccer balls for June. Hopefully when we start back up in July, the kids will hit the pitch with renewed enthusiasm and fancy footwork.

Monday was unseasonably summery, and we actually got to break out the slip and slide. Albeit fed straight from the hot water heater. But, hey, this is Northern California. We grow our kids with great resolve.
The enthusiasm of youth:

The wisdom of age:

The post slide sunning: