it is iced coffee weather

May 21st, 2009

I’m still exhausted from the last two weekends and here we are on the crest of another.

We’re having a reasonably hot summer, and the kids are at a good age for just about everything this year so we’ve been going overboard with the activities – balancing multiple birthday parties against our standing soccer saturday mornings and several big events each weekend. By Sunday night we’re basically comatose.

This past Saturday was the school’s science fair replete with face painting, a bouncy house, bubble stations, volcanos, bunnies and a dinosaur dig. The school puts this on every year as a way to attract families from the community, and raise a teensy bit of cash for school supplies. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Will enjoyed it enough that he is proclaiming he is going to be a scientist and a worker when he grows up. “Will that be good?” he asks.

Sylvie getting her face painted:

Holding the bunny:

Saturday, after our school science fair was the gymnastics dog and pony show for all the kids who participated this school year. I was pretty impressed with how well these 4 and 5 year olds maneuver on the tumbling mats, balance beam and uneven bars. Here is Will on the uneven bars:

and sticking his landing:

Sunday was the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco. Will asked, “Mommy, is this a race or a parade. I think it is a parade.” I think that question pretty much sums up the event. While there are serious runners in the event, we were far behind with the walkers and costumes and dredges of society. This year bacon was big thanks to the internet meme. A very authentic looking Obama and his entourage made an appearance. We spent much of the walk in the vicinity of a life sized South Park Jesus, passing octo mommies and swine flu. And, as usual groups of Elvis and Ghostbusters rounded out the group. I didn’t see anything especially creative.

Sylvie pushed Will and Jordan most of the 8 miles:

In with the walkers, I learned a lot about society. Thankfully, people are basically decent as even the dredges of society pretended to be on reasonable behavior when in our proximity, clearing the way for us to push the stroller through or watching their language. And though both kids walked/ran an incredible distance, and we generally had a good time, I’m in no hurry to do it again until the kids can run the entire length. By mile 6 Will had had enough and was curled up in the stroller screaming, “I want to go home right this instant!” Sometime shortly after he found his second wind and was able to pull it together enough to survive the walk to the end, the muni, muni to train to BART to BART to car trip home. Sylvie was awfully exhausted by the end, but used the long trip home to acquire jewelry and a baby doll from fellow B2B revelers on their way home. All in all, a nice cap to a long weekend.

Will started his first round of swimming lessons, ever, at the beginning of the month, and it turns out he is a fish. Swimming at this point is an experiment in controlled drowning. He spends the entire lesson under water, not yet swimming, just blowing a lot of bubbles. Practicing the starfish:

On the docket for this holiday weekend? Probably a lot of sewing, running, bike riding, swimming and maybe some beach time. Happy summer, y’all.