potty training by the clock

February 25th, 2009

Sylvie, my nanny, and I are all ill, today. So, home alone with Sylvie, I decided we might attempt potty training. She’s been using the potty since ~15 months because she hates to be dirty, but since I’m not a fan of accidents, we’ve avoided encouraging anything more than Sylvie directed potty experiments. Figured we could always test the waters.

I tried just putting her in panties. The dolls used the potty. I used the potty. Sylvie used the potty. Success!

Every 15 minutes or so I’d inquire.

After a few hours, enthusiasm begining to wane, I broke out a timer and set it for 20 minutes – not quite long enough to really need to go, but not long enough to have an accident, either. When the bell rang, it was potty time. Woo hoo! After 3 rings of the bell, Sylvie stopped performing. Fail.

Her enthusiasm was refreshed when Will arrived home from school. The two of them went immediately to the bathroom, then ran around the house with their bottom halves exposed. At some point while I was making dinner, I heard a strange gulping coming from the bathroom as Will ran to me yelling, “The toilet is clogged! The toilet is clogged!” … Turns out the gulping was little Sylvie – part baby, part wild animal – standing bare bottomed, balanced with a foot on either side of the toilet seat crazily thrusting the plunger in and out of the water. Words just don’t do this scene justice. Thankfully, nothing was actually clogged, and no 2 year-olds were harmed hoisting the 3 foot long old-fashioned wooden and rubber plunger into the toilet.