Christmas Willisms

December 24th, 2008

In the Christmas reading list is Santa Mouse about a mouse who gives Santa a present and in return is made into Santa Mouse. We’ve got a mouse problem. The suckers have come into the house to winter, and are sneaking into my kitchen pantry through an unfinished electrical outlet. When we catch one (humanely killed, of course) Doug and Will get really excited. Since it is Christmastime, Doug told Will we caught Santa Mouse, and Will responded, leery, “Does he have a hat? Does he have a beard?” “No” “Then you didn’t catch Santa Mouse”

This evening he told me that if Santa gives him something he doesn’t like, he won’t cry. He will like it. But, if Santa gives him something he really likes, he will keep it forever and ever.

We’re going to sleep tonight having laid out the filled stockings; arranged the presents under the tree; left a half eaten cookie, a carrot top and a sip of milk; and created video evidence of Santa having been here. Even the presents from Santa are wrapped in special paper so they are identifiable from the rest. Its the perfect plan. How many more years can we keep up this ruse? 

I have to say, 4 is the best Christmas, yet.