santa is no friend of mine

December 21st, 2008

What is it about that white beard, fur trimmed suit, and jolly laugh that strikes fear in hearts of toddlers? This guy is supposed to be beloved! After all, he brings toys to all good girls and boys across the world. I admit something about the story doesn’t add up – he parks his sleigh on your roof then slides down your chimney while you are sleeping to raid your pantry for cookies then leave you presents in return. To a 2 year-old whose sense of the world is mostly intuition, the creeps who dress up as Santa at the mall – not the kind of guys you’d want to hang out with any other time – probably don’t help the story. So, why is it so surprising when the 2 year-old skirts the farthest reaches of the room that Santa is in? Even when the man offers gifts, the tot arches and struggles like the man is instead wielding a horse needle. ‘Tis all part of the Christmas experience. Sylvie is dreadfully afraid of that stinky ole Santa. Even when he comes bearing new babies. Me, too.

Some great anti-Santa photos.