4 year olds, so profound

November 28th, 2008

We returned on Wednesday from a family vacation to Monterey. Lots of jogging, digging in the sand, running from waves, searching through tide pools, visiting the aquarium and sitting in the hot tub. Thank god for hot tubs.

Someone seems to have replaced my happy-go-lucky 4 year-old with a teenager. Somehow I thought I had more time before the constant complaining began. He yielded the occasional profound statement among the whines –
“There is nothing that way but darkness.” (Hesitant to walk the hike/bike trail back to our hotel)
“When you can’t see; you can’t hear.” (Ignoring the barking sea otters the rest of us could hear in the distance.)
But mostly just a bunch of “I want to go home” “I’m too cold” “I am not having fun”s

His castle:

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a schooner?

The Aquarium – 3 visits in as many days.