Obama’s at the door

October 21st, 2008

Our kids are slowly becoming involved with this election as we’ve made them suffer through the conventions and then all 4 debates with us. Sylvie clapped happily everytime McCain or Palin spoke during the RNC – which I think says something about their demographic. And just like most Americans, Sylvie has stopped clapping for those two since the RNC, and has mastered “Barack Obama, yeah!!” Okay, so it still sounds a little more like “Bok Mama, yeah!” But, she proudly shouts it randomly throughout the day.

Anyway, on our run this past weekend we entertained the kids by having them find Obama signs, which in Berkeley is not that hard. Will asked why we don’t have an Obama sign on our house, and Doug said that it was because we didn’t know where to get one.

Tonight while I was making dinner some guy came to the door and Will came running to me screaming, “Mom, come quick! Mom, come here! …” Knowing it was someone asking for money, I figured my screaming daughter and bubblng bechamel were more pressing. A few minutes later Will came in deflated, “Mom, I wanted an Obama sign. It was the Obama sign guy and he went away because you didn’t come! Oh Mom!”