oh baby, baby

September 29th, 2008

Costco has a baby set – stroller, bassinet, carseat, diaper bag. Doug emailed me a picture to confirm that we should get it for Sylvie’s birthday. Reading over my shoulder, Sylvie was in convulsions, “Baby! Baby! Baby!”

When he arrived home, I convinced Doug we could bring the box of baby things inside without Sylvie noticing. I unpacked it, placed it picture side down on my head, and proceeded inside, only to be met at the door by the baby fanatic. We made eye contact, and then she looked up instantly identifying the contents of the box, “Baby! Baby! Baby!” she screamed, following me through the house. I made it to the bedroom and stuffed the box behind a wingback. Sylvie one room behind me, was not to be fooled. She entered the room, running directly to the chair still yelling, “Baby! Baby! Baby!” By now there were giant tears rolling out of her eyes.

Reasoning that two year-olds have no understanding of birthdays, we caved and she and Will spent the evening playing babies. At bedtime, we went through our usual ritual, and Sylvie went down amazingly easy. But, about 15 minutes after I kissed her goodnight and closed her bedroom door, Doug went in to find her quietly wheeling her baby around the room in her new stroller.