the battle at home

September 23rd, 2008

We’re raising a strong-willed child. Although this can be a great thing for him in life – it puts him at great advantage to succeed in all of life’s endeavors – I’m afraid that if we mis-step in our parenting through his tantrums, he may instead end up with a poor self-image, finding solace in drugs or abusive relationships. I realize this is a gross over-simplification, but still. Ah, parenting.

How are we supposed to teach our 4 year-old that it is okay to have an opinion, but it is not okay to throw a tantrum when expressing that opinion? I realize that the fact I don’t just toil over how I could have reacted better when my son threw a tantrum, but I also worry that my reaction is going to be detrimental to his success as an adult, probably pigeon-holes me even further in that radical commie pinko, obnoxiously self-absorbed, heirloom tomato eating, Berkeley Bowl shopping group. I’ll try not to project that neurosis onto my kids.

Books I’m checking out:
Why gender matters by Dr Sax
Setting limits with your strong-willed child… by Dr MacKenzie
How Children Fail; How Children Learn by John Holt