off to the Movies

June 29th, 2008

We saw WALL E, today. Sylvie’s first movie in a theater. She was so excited her eyes were as large as saucers for the 20 minutes she was awake. As this was Will’s 4th movie, he is now a veteran, and approached the event with ennui. WALL E is a modern fairy tale replete with a hefty moral. WALL E, a cockroach and a plant are the last “living” things on Earth after humans covered the planet in garbage, escaping via cruise [space]ship to circle the universe in high tech hover rafts getting fat on junk food while WALL E and his friends clean up. The cruise ship has apparently been sending robot probes back to Earth to search for signs of life which would indicate it is time for the cruise to end and the humans to return to their clean home, but for 700 years, there have been no such signs. But then, WALL E finds a plant and that starts the central plot in motion. The love story is amusing. The environmental doomsday was a little heavy handed, though I might be able to use it to convince Will to be less messy.

All in all, it is a good flick and worth the $45 it costs to visit the theater. Okay, worth the Netflix rental fee.

On an entirely different note, yesterday we went to Doug’s Aunt Ellen’s memorial service at Saint Raphael. She has been ill for a long time, and so hopefully she is much more comfortable where she is, now.

We’ve been so lucky in the handme down department, I’ve always somehow had something nice to dress the kids in when events like this arose. Not the case yesterday. The handme down well has runneth dry. We squeezed Will into a 3t dress shirt my mom bought him, and Sylvie into one of her hundred Christmas dresses (which fit much better now!) It was a tad flustering rushing to find something appropriate. I vowed once I got them dressed to always have one nice outfit on hand. 

Anyway, when we were all dressed and in the car, Will showed me a bag full of pink post its, declaring that “Each adult gets one of these” and then showed me two tiny monkeys, “and these are for each of my cousins” I thought Doug must have given him the post its with the instructions that each adult was supposed to write something nice about Ellen… that is Doug’s style. But while we were waiting outside for the service to end (my kids don’t sit still), Will revealed his intentions. “Here, make a paper boat.”

As everyone came out of the service, Will was at the door, handing out post its, asking the adults to make airplanes. There was a surprising variety, and everyone was amused.