put fire on it!

June 27th, 2008

Thank God it is Friday.
Our Nanny has been ill all week and what we imagined would be the calmest and cleanest week we’ve had in 4 years was actually one of the harder, dirtier weeks. I’ve swept up a kazillion dried pastas and peppercorns from our many tea parties this week, and still I’m finding them stuck to the sole of my bare feet. I’ve mopped the floors in our kitchen 3 times, but still my feet are black-bottomed with the latest meal to miss Sylvie’s mouth. Oh we clean after she eats, but that Toddler has quite an arm on her, and I’m regularly finding food particles where I never would have checked. Anyway, nothing dirties a house faster than cabin fever, which we’ve had all week as 1/2 of the family works and works at entertaining the homebound little. This was one of those weeks I kept my ear peeled for Ed McMahan’s giant check rapping against my front door, as I had fun, it just would have been more pleasant for all of us if Doug and I weren’t also balancing full time jobs.

Will arrived home this afternoon, so we started readying for his arrival this morning. Sylvie and I hung banners around the living room, and I baked the Caramel Cake from Birthday Cakes: Recipes and Memories from celebrated bakers

I explained to Will that I needed his help frosting the cake, and he asked me “What day is it?”
“Friday” I responded. “It’s not my birthday? What is the cake for?” We’re having cake to celebrate Will’s return! He was so excited and I swear every other sentence out of his mouth was “Put fire on it” (candles)

Will’s welcome home cake. With fire on it.