nothing is surprising in the city

August 6th, 2009

I mentioned that my office moved to San Francisco, recently. I’ve been enjoying the contrast of the city to the suburban areas I’ve worked before. Because of the density of people downtown, there is always someone advertising their wears, giving free samples on the street. My first week, it was Christians handing out granola bars and invitations to be saved. (I ate it. It wasn’t laced with cyanide.) In the subsequent days, I’ve scored chocolate, free coffee (ritual coffee, roasted in the Mission is incredible!), passed by dog/cat food samples, … No wonder the homeless congregate, here.

Nothing is surprising in the city. The weather shifts 20 degrees over the course of an hour turning that sunny summer day into foggy winter evening. People fall from skies.

I’m enjoying observing life on the streets, as in this density, you witness a lot that in a suburban area would be carried out in privacy. There are quite a few homeless. For the most part, they’ve set up their homes, and they are “homeless” only in permanent structure, not in permanence. A woman residing outside the bus station spends her mornings fixing her hair, tidying her structure and arranging the day old flowers she received from the flower stand the night before. When I pass by her in the afternoons, she is usually busy at work hand sewing. I pass another woman fast asleep on her pile of belongings every morning, me always tempted to capture her on my iPhone.