mama sews a new shirt

August 1st, 2009

We regularly clean out unworn clothing from our closets, and I squirrel the best away on my sewing shelf – awaiting inspiration – for moments like this morning’s. It has been a hectic few weeks for me so I’ve been day dreaming about sewing. My work just moved offices from an office in Marin to right smack dab in the middle of San Francisco, leaving me with new wardrobe challenges. It is cold in San Francisco, and it was hot in Marin. Until the move, I spent the day with people dressed in blue jeans and t-shirts – no inspiration to dress nicely. I’m now situated in the middle of the financial district, surrounded by the last stronghold of suiters (not to be confused with suitors) in California. I now take a bus – and spend ~30 minutes a day waiting outside for the bus. I used to drive from door to door, and now walk 2 miles round trip from bus to office and back. So not only is my daily routine a little off, recently, but I’ve been exercising an entirely different section of the wardrobe, lately, in an attempt to find warm and walkable clothing. All of this has had me perusing favorite shopping sites for new additions to the closet. Although I succumbed and purchased a new pair of boots in an effort to eke a little more life out of my old favorites, I was able to hold back the urge to buy an entire new wardrobe from Anthropologie by refashioning one of those old cast away men’s shirts of Doug’s. What follows is my refashion of one of Doug’s shirts:

I used a favorite dress shirt as a guide when trimming the width and arm holes, repositioned the pocket, and added ruffles fashioned from the discarded sleeve material. Doug was quite excited about the repositioning of the pocket and thought it was worth pointing out.

Frankly, I hate this picture, but I’m quite excited with the new shirt. I’m looking forward to adding a long sleeve shirt and wearing it with cropped jeans and new boots in the winter.