time to make the bagels

March 31st, 2009

Facebook is a problem for me. I have no self control. And lots of friends who work next to ovens. All of this explains why at 8:30 PM my kids are bathed and in PJs (it takes time for the dough to rise between rests) but still running about the house with unbrushed teeth like street children. I’m making bagels because Facebook told me to. Rather, a friend of mine happened to be trying out a bagel recipe 24 hours after I was lamenting to a different friend how I’ve yet to find a bagel that rivals the New York Bagel shop’s in Houston.

A few quick Google searches when I got home revealed that bagels are a quick bread – who knew? And that brings us to now. Over tired street children. Bagels in the oven. Me, blogging.

Using a recipe I found at Chow. These guys look right. Unfortunately, I read the comments while I was waiting for the dough to rise only to learn the salt is a little much. 

Here it is, please don’t call cps, the kids are fine and now eating bagels: