my two favorite things: cooking and stitching

March 26th, 2009

Somehow, the cosmos aligned bringing me all sorts of wonderful things on my birthday. Some of those things were presents – a gift certificate for Anthropologie, my favorite store now that thrift stores are inconvenient (kids); a starter sewing kit, which considering I’ve been sewing just about all my life seems like a funny thing for me to get excited about, but who doesn’t love new needles and another measuring tape and something girly to replace the toolbox and cardboard boxes I currently store my supplies in? Some of the things were simply a result of the stars aligning – I ordered Jacques Pepin’s Fast Food My Way because it came highly recommended by two friends. But the one that is going to keep me up all night thinking about my next hundred projects is Boutique Knits: 20 must have accessories.
boutiqueKnits This is a great book full of pretty, wearable, and – better yet, knitable! – hats, scarves and sweaters. One of the models is even wearing a dress that with the help of one of my japanese patterns should soon be hanging in my closet.

What a happy day.