holiday crafting and last minute gifts

December 16th, 2008

We’ve been busy elving, here, but then so has the entire internet. Some of the great ideas I’ve seen and have yet to attempt:

Twig Snowflakes. I’d love to have a full tree of these handmade by the family. More pictures and instructions can be found at Pretty Ditty.

On the gift front, we gave out beeswax candles to the neighbors last year that we rolled from sheets of beeswax. It was a great project for a 3 year-old, but I think now that the kids are a little older we may be ready to attempt making drip candles. Instructions for making both drip and poured candles.

If I were sure we could transport vanilla extract over state lines, I’d be making homemade vanilla for the family. The project is super easy – cover 6 vanilla beans in 16oz of vodka in a pretty, sterile, sealed bottle. Let the concoction steap for 6 weeks before using. (Thanks to Design Mom for the picture, instructions and inspiration. She has downloadable labels like the one on the pictured bottle at her site.)

And finally, I think people are giving terrariums this year. But, why not? They are easy to make, easy to care for, and they bring a little of the outside indoors. Here are a few I find inspiring:

(from All Dressed in Blue)

(from ohdeedoh)

And very Christmassy, there’s an ornament terrarium at Cottage Living.