the two-hour party dress

December 13th, 2008

I’ve heard holidays are universally difficult for people with addictions. Oh how difficult it is for me and my sewing addiction. The gifting and parties are just the impetus I need to encourage a quick whirl through the fabric stash for the right material and a flip through the pattern books for inspiration. Yesterday was our company Christmas party, and I fell off the wagon. How could I show up with my children in store-boughts? Over coffee, I decided on the pattern – inspired by this shirt dress from a japanese craft book:

Just as a sane person might stock the pantry with canned staples, I’d stocked my fabric stash with corduroys mid-summer – you never know if this is going to be the year it snows in July – so I had the perfect red corduroy. Before preschool, I drafted the pattern and cut the fabric. Over a conference call, I stitched it. I had to take a few shortcuts in order to get it ready in time. Don’t tell mom – I stitchwitched the cuffs after a failed attempt at sewing the inside seam. The two buttons are just for show – no time for button holes, and besides, buttons were clearly not invented by someone who has experience dressing a 2 year-old. Had this not been a rush job, I’d also have finished the inside a little better. All in all, I’m pleased with how it turned out.

The party dress, all partied out: (Note – Sylvie added the rice and cranberry juice stains, tutu was sewn this summer… happened to be the perfect underpinnings)

Now, just picture a blonde, plump two year-old with chocolate and cranberry juice smeared across her mouth, her hair held out of her eyes by a few grains of sticky rice and you’ll have the full effect.