homeward bound

November 12th, 2008

I’ve now made this journey twice, and just like the last, after 7 days, I can’t look out the window at the people, anymore. I start reading signs on buildings, paying more attention to the details of the cars, avoiding the chaos and poverty. By the last few days of my trip, I’m slightly torn – part of me wants to stay and invest in beautiful textiles (as I’ve only been on work, I’ve spent a total 4 hours across both trips shopping); part of me can’t wait to be on a plane back to my quiet, consistent home.

I’m currently waiting in Heathrow. By strike of good luck, I was mysteriously upgraded, so my first 10 hours of travel were quite comfortable. Waiting an hour to begin my next leg. I’m definitely overwhelmed with excitement to see my family. Can’t wait to hold the littles.

Once I’m home, have bathed, regrouped, and reflected, I’ll post video of our trip through the countryside to the Taj Mahal as well as pictures of our office.

Here’s the team.

Thoroughly enjoying first world internet. Ahhh, bandwidth!