another whirlwind week

October 30th, 2008

Two is such a sweet birthday. Sunday, we celebrated Sylvie’s second birthday with just us. She has a slightly larger celebration on Halloween with the locals. I remember Will looking so surprised and proud when his neighbors sang Happy Birthday on his second, and Sylvie was no different. As presents have trickled in, her reactions have been so sweet. You’d never guess this girl had ever received anything in her life! Her mouth literally dropped open when Will presented her the Obie Kenobi action figure to match his Yoda. She redefined bear hug with the strangle hold with which she received the bear Will stuffed for her. The girl who has yelled “Stop it!” only 5 times in her life – 4 food related and 1 when I tried to slide a tutu on her recently – re-enacted Cinderella’s receipt of her ball gown dancing about propping her dress against her chest when she opened her brand new twirly, shiny princess dress from her nanny on Monday. And oh, the convulsions of baby love as I struggled to release her brand new baby from it’s packaging last night! I wish I could package this pure joy, unfettered by expectations, for their teen years.

Tonight we’re carving pumpkins. Tomorrow we’ve planned a movie night for the kids so that one of us can clean the house while the other shops for Halloween party supplies. Friday, the day my son has been counting down to since September – all our goblins will come out in their true forms as we celebrate Sylvie’s big 2 with the neighbors over pizza, drinking blood (bordeaux or cran-grape juice) before the neighborhood candy begging begins. Can’t wait. If only I weren’t spending the following 24 hours sleeping off my candy coma on a trip to India.

Doug’s train of kiddos this past weekend: