its a disease

August 27th, 2008

I’ve been wondering if there were a program out there for people with a fabric abuse problem. It seems like everyone is in on the game. I changed jobs in March, moving to an office that is 20 minutes from my home versus 1.5 hrs, but it is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to Joanns. What I’m saving in gas, I’m spending in fabric. To make matters worse, they just installed a Joanns NEXT DOOR to my grocery store! And with the many great fabric stores online I can’t escape the temptation. I need help.

Inspired by the new sew tutus, I stopped in Joanns to pick up some tulle to make tutus for my nieces, and as usual, they were having a sale on something I couldn’t pass up. “Fabric is inexpensive, no?” Yes, in moderate quantities. But, an addict doesn’t know what a moderate quantity is. And the women who work at Joanns certainly aren’t going to cut you off when they see you teetering under the load of all of those bolts. They’ll just point you to a table where you can rest those bolts, and send you back for more.

The damage? Well, I’ve got the fabric to make matching outfits for the kids for everyday this winter. I think I’ll start with the Village Frock from Sugar City. Isn’t it great?

And because I’d like to have someone to sew with when I’m broke and my family has left me wallowing in my hoards of fabric, some inspiration for you:
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