when grandpa is boss

August 19th, 2008

I mentioned a few days ago that Grandpa has been taking care of the kids over their summer breaks. He only had one day alone with Sylvie and as far as I could tell both survived, friends. Tho, dad told me that Sylvie refused to talk to him, and when asked if she was mad at him, she responded “uh-huh”.

He also asked if I let Sylvie go down the big kid slide at the park, because apparently HE does.
Find Sylvie:

He’s had Will, now, for 2 full days. Dad’s comment is that he thinks Will is hyper-active. Not that Will can’t focus, but that he can’t sit still. So, Dad buried him:

Probably the most exciting thing was the whipped cream pie fight. Grandpa and Will have been scheming this for a few days, waiting for a warm day and the paparazzi to be home.

The first hit:


And one for the innocent bystander: (who did NOT find this amusing)

They pretty much clean up, okay: