jerry-rig your burley kazoo

July 20th, 2008

I’m kind of amazed that there are not google-able alternate instructions for installing the Burley Kazoo considering it is one of the more expensive trail-a-bikes on the market and someone who is opting for this one is likely to have a bike that can’t handle the pannier rack attachment. Anyway, put two Doug’s on it, and we’ve got it all figured out. Doug’s GT mountainbike doesn’t have pannier rack holes, but it does have funny decorative holes in the seat stays which the boys repurposed to hold the pannier rack with some washers and random bolts. We were missing a bolt for the stabilizer bands, which was thankfully the same size as the steer-tube bolt on our unstable razor. With an hour of brain power, some cannibalized toys, and a handful of random bolts and washers, the men got the trail a bike together and plopped Will atop. It took a lap around the block before Will warmed to the bike, but he’s now in love.