I do what NPR tells me

July 10th, 2008

There are a few companies/organizations out there that really have me figured out. They do such a good job of profiling me, identifying products of all sorts that I love, that they MUST be cheating, somehow.

NPR is one of those organizations that has our family figured out. We own many CDs because we heard them on All Songs Considered. We’ve got the NPR cookbook. My library is stacked with NPR recommendations. My anti-sweets husband even took up eating chocolate because he heard an interview with a chocolate taster on NPR.

Today’s NPR recommendation is a singer/song writer, Laura Gibson. It is coffeeshop music. Kind of makes you feel like you live in a story book where you float just arm’s distance from cotton candy clouds in your smocked dress over fields of dandelions readied for your blowing.
For those without imaginations, it is warm lazy summer packaged into music. Hear for yourself.