all in a day’s sewing

May 31st, 2008

I finished a bunch of clothes this weekend – appliqued shirts for the neices and nephews, 3 dresses and a kurta for sylvie, a shirt for me (not shown) and a shirt and some Pj pants for Will. I’ve thrown in the surfing penguin shirts that Will and I screened a while ago. The pink one was going to be for Liz, but it just needed something. Packing up a new shirt for George, I braved “fixing” the shirt by adding an orange embroidered lei. I like it now, but I’m sending it off to Johanna. The package shown is for Jack and Mattie Ree. I have no idea what size newborns are, but those bloomers (based off a pair of Sylvie’s) sure are cute so small!