New Pants for the Big Guy

May 22nd, 2008

Doug got a date night with himself to go see Cory Doctorow talk about his new young adult novel “Little Brother” at Codys in Berkeley. I stayed home with the kiddos sewing.

Made will some big guy shorts yesterday using my japanese chino pattern from this book and denim that I bought from Joanns yesterday. (Did I mention I bought my weight in denim???) Will was really cute – helped me pick out the inside pocket color and then chose which side of the denim to put as the right side of the pants. He asked me if he could wear them today. Oh the pressure to get these together in time! I’m on waistband attempt #3 because I opted to  put elastic in the waist so resized the back when I was cutting but forgot to adjust my waistband length accordingly… The issue with sewing while a 2yr old and a 4 yr old are jumping on your pattern pieces is that you don’t often follow through with the ENTIRE alteration in one go. Attempt #2 failed because I used the pattern waistband height which just didn’t work well with my elastic. I made it work, but admittedly not prettily. So this morning I took that out, trimmed my waistband and will attempt to sew this up tonight.

Good news is that the shorts are really cute on Will. At least with waistband #2. So, I expect they will be a staple in the wardrobe once I’ve fixed the waistband, tonight.