that chili will make you so fast

June 10th, 2009


I read a study not long ago that kids eat more if they think they are eating monster slime or bat venom. We don’t go that far, but we do explain in simple terms the benefits of the meal in front of us, and woah – look at those kids eat! Pictured is Will snarfing down his chili after I told him that he didn’t have to eat it, but all the protein in those beans in there would make him strong and fast. Last night he had 3 servings of stir fry because it contained carrots (so he could see in the dark), squash (to make his hair golden), tofu (to make him strong) and broccoli (to make him live longer). Will has requested that I give him a wok for college so that he can make stir fry when he gets older. These explanations aren’t far from the truth, but I’m amazed at the results.