Merry Christmas

December 25th, 2008

Hope you are having (have had) a very Merry Christmas.

Video evidence that Santa visited our house:

Will was unenthusiastic about the video footage of Santa. He didn’t find the half eaten cookie, dribble of milk or eaten carrot interesting, either. And he wanted to know why Santa brought him so many presents. (Between you and me – Santa was so excited about having a 4 year-old around this year, he couldn’t stop buying!)

The children nestled all snug in their beds:

(this one fell asleep on the way home from dinner)

The lollipops fell out of their hands before they awoke and went overlooked in the morning unwrapping enthusiasm.

The favorite gifts:
(Will’s shuttle)

Sylvie’s toothbrush (and chocolate residue):

Runner-up in the present department is the bathtub flutes from Grandma and Grandpa Tex. Both kids have been fluting and singing Christmas Carols. Dinner tonight is crab and caesar salad, then we can start taking the Christmas tree down. Yippee!