financial crisis explained and how US democracy has always been flawed

September 30th, 2008

I won’t claim to be an economist, though apparently living in the close proximity of many world famous economists makes me more qualified to speak on this than others (shameless, I know). Here’s an interesting article explaining how we got into this situation.

With the polls so close, and so much at stake, I’ve been seeking solace in Mental Floss. According to them (Sept-Oct 2008, Vol 7, Issue 4), Andrew Jackson was a dolt, voted in by the people because he wasn’t from the upper class, but instead a working class man with little political experience or education. Somehow the fact that our civilization hasn’t actually deteriorated over the past century – we were apparently no more intelligent as a group back then, than we are now – and our founding fathers have somehow gained credibility over time makes me a little bit less embarrassed that the American people actually voted Bush into office in the last election, and seem to seriously be entertaining voting that yahoo from Alaska into the second highest office come November. Maybe it is simply the fact that apparently, as a nation, we survived THOSE two dolts (Bush and Jackson), perhaps we’ll survive another.