new arrivals and miles of bias tape

May 27th, 2008

Big long weekend.

Tara sent news of the arrival of her baby, Julian. Apparently he came out on cinco de mayo. He is a cutie. I can completely relate to taking a little while to come out of hiding long enough to tell people about the new arrival.

We had a busy weekend that began with the arrival of my 1.5 yards of Nancy Ann by Liberty of London. I had to buy the muy carato fabric because Sylvie has outgrown a shift I really love in similar fabric oh and it has a great name. It definitely lives up to the name! The fabric is silky and the print is perfect. (My Nancy Ann is a little more yellow/red/orange than the sample below)
Nancy Ann

Friday was our typical homemade pizza and movie night with a brief run to Target to pick out a new Ninja turtle. We’ve been trying to kick the night diaper for Will, and his reward for going a week with a dry bed was a new TMNT. He’s got the entire collection, now. I guess this means he is a big boy.
MOVIE: Will and Sylvie waiting for movie

Saturday, we packed up the family and headed to Marin to watch Indiana Jones. I loved it, but the boys weren’t as excited about it. It was too Lucas for Doug and not animated enough for Will. In the afternoon, Jordan came over to porch. We sat around watching Will climb all over Jordan. Dinner was cheese from the cheeseboard, seared Ahi and smores.

Sunday, we trekked of to the Farmers Market. Around noon, Dennis and family arrived and we headed off to the Adventure Playground, the park, and the steam trains. MOVIE: kids hammering at hammer park.Fully tuckered out, we finished the afternoon with an early dinner at Jupiter. Our kids were asleep early that night. I started ironing and cutting curtains for the School nap room.

Monday started with a short run. After some light yardwork, the boys headed out for a bike ride on the shore and Sylvie napped while I sewed. Sylvie and I have matching shirts, Will’s waist band is finished (third time is the charm!) and I have 2 miles of bias tape. We dined early with the French family across the street.

Sylvie was so tuckered from the weekend, she went to sleep at 7PM and awoke at 9AM.

I promise pictures and video from the weekend when I get home… Or later this week, as I do have work to do.